Connellsville Township Supervisors

Meeting minutes November 8, 2018


       I.            Call to Order- Chairman Miner called the monthly meeting to order on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 7:03 p.m.


    II.            Pledge of Allegiance- led by Chairman Miner.


 III.            Roll Call- The following persons were present- Supervisor Hann, Chairman Miner, Secretary Darla Hann, Treasurer Marlene Grenell and Attorney Jack Purcell


 IV.            Approval of Minutes- A motion was made by Supervisor Hann to accept the regular meeting minutes from October 11, 2018.  Second by Chairman Miner.  All in favor.  Motion carried. 


    V.            Public participation- N/A


 VI.            Secretary’s Report- Darla Hann reported that she is in the process of getting prices for a sign for outside the building and has received prices on carpet runners for inside the office building.  She informed the Supervisors that Property Code Books can be purchased for $40.00 and are also available to download for free.  The contract with Hoffman Kennels has been signed and is on file in the office.  At last meeting it was reported that 106 delinquent garbage letters were sent out, the most recent update from Advanced Disposal indicated that 45 delinquent accounts have been paid.  We currently have listed 3 items on Municibid, with the auction ending for two today.


VII.            Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer’s reports were read by Marlene Grenell and they are on file in the office.  Motion made by Supervisor Hann to accept the Treasurer’s reports.  Second by Chairman Miner. All in favor.  Motion carried.  The 2019 budget was explained by Marlene Grenell and a Motion was made by Supervisor Hann to advertise the budget to be adopted at the regular meeting in December.  Second by Chairman Miner.  It will be in the Secretary’s office to look over if anyone would like to.  The bank statements for September have been reconciled but have not been looked over by the Supervisors.  Chairman Miner also asked Marlene Grenell to email the reconciled bank statements to the Supervisor so that they can look them over prior to the monthly meeting.  Marlene stated that she will have them in the week before.


VIII.            Authorization to pay bills- Motion made by Supervisor Hann to pay monthly bills. Second by Chairman Miner.  All in favor.  Motion carried. 


 IX.            Correspondence- Darla Hann received the following correspondence:  There will be an increase in the Armstrong bill for Static IP Service starting in December (will be $15.00).  A donation request from Fayette EMS, and informational flyer from PSATS Twp. Legal Defense Partnership.  There is a new UCC update that went into effect 10-1-18.  We received a price list from Goodwill for recycling and there will be an Open House for Fayette Co. Comprehensive Strategy


    X.            Committee Reports-

*Fire Dept.  –  NA

*Emergency Management-  NA 

*Roadmaster – Report for the month was read by Chairman Miner and is on file in the office.

*Planning Commission – Darla Hann stated that the Planning Commission met for the final meeting this evening on the subdivision for the Dairy Queen; it is now complete.  The Planning Commission is looking at another subdivision for Brenda Fisch but it is currently on hold while new plats are being drawn up.

*Zoning Officer – Jim Knapp met with Mrs. Miller on Hosfelt Road and said there is a lot going on down there.  He is having someone look into the issues.  Todd Miner stated that the water study is complete for Cummings & 9th and Darla has emailed it to Vern in Connellsville.

*Code Enforcement Officer – NA

*SupervisorsSupervisor Hann – Asked why Vice Chairman Carson had paving done near where his daughter lives.  Chairman Miner stated that he knows nothing about it but will follow up with Jon Gilpin and Marvin Striner.

Chairman Miner – Informed all that on November 29th at 9:00 am a company is bringing up a load of cold path for a demonstration and is giving the Township a full load at no charge.  The ditch is completed on Cummings & 9th.  The water study was done to see if the Township can tap into the city lines at this location.  The road crew finished the crack sealing on Layton Alley today.  Chairman Miner has tried contacting Rich Martin at Pen Dot about several issues and is waiting to hear back.


 XI.            Unfinished Business – Darla Hann received updated quotes on energy costs from WGL Energy and West Penn.  Co-stars could not find anything less than what we currently have.  WGL explained that the rate to compare that West Penn sent of 4.249 is only energy, does not include transmission, capacity, etc.  If Chamber Choice Renewal were to give us a rate to compare to that it would be 3.5.  Darla Hann gave examples of what the bills would be with each different rate.  Chairman Miner asked the Secretary to get a contract from Chamber Choice and have our Solicitor look it over.


XII.            New Business – A motion was made by Supervisor Hann to advertise the appointment of a CPA firm to do the audit for 2018.  Second by Chairman Miner.  All in favor, motion carried.  Sewage enforcement was discussed; K2 Engineering does only on lot sewage.  If a house has no water it can be posted as uninhabitable. A motion was made by Supervisor Hann to hire Scott Lafferty as a part time code enforcement officer at the rate of $11.00/hour.  Second by Chairman Miner.  All in favor, motion carried.  Jack Purcell and Chairman Miner stated that Scott comes highly recommended.   The Landlord Occupancy registration and fee was discussed and was tabled until a later date.


XIII.            Ordinances – The following ordinances were introduced to be advertised to be adopted at the following meeting:  Ordinance for citing code violations, ordinance to rescind zoning and planning to the County, Ordinance for reenacting per capita tax and collecting delinquent per capita taxes.  It was decided to discuss an amusement tax ordinance further before taking any action.


XIV.            Resolutions –  Motion made by Supervisor Hann to adopt Resolution 2018-12 to set the tax millage for 2019 at 1.033 mills for 2019.  Second by Chairman Miner.  All in favor, motion carried.  Motion made by Supervisor Hann to adopt Resolution 2018-13 approving an amendment of the articles of incorporation of the Bullskin Twp./Connellsville Twp. Joint Sewer Authority extending the term of existence of the Authority to a date 50 years from the date of approval of the amendment by the Secretary of the Commonwealth.  Second by Chairman Miner.  All in favor, motion carried.  A motion to adopt ordinance 2018-5 (advertised by the BTCTJSA) made by Supervisor Hann and seconded by Chairman Miner guaranteeing the debt service on a bond of the BTCTJSA (debt is self-liquidating, does not go against the Township).  All in favor, motion carried.


XV.            Adjournment- Supervisor Hann made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Chairman Miner.  All in favor.  Motion carried.




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